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If your teeth are misaligned, or have too large gaps between your teeth, visit us for a consultation, we will find the most appropriate gentle orthodontic treatment without tooth extraction for you or your child!

Below you will find a detailed description of the process of the orthodontic treatment, types and other information about modern, gentle, low friction, light-force hi-tech orthodontics and the ever-popular invisible orthodontics.

In our clinic we have the most up-to-date passive self-ligating protocols even in childhood orthodontics and adult orthodontics, also without tooth extraction, as well as invisible orthodontics with transparent splints for minor misalignments.


low-friction passive self-ligating brackets, hi-tech light-force archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols, Damon technique, orthodontics without tooth extraction

At TriDent Cosmetic and Family Dentistry now available the so-called “Damon Passive Self-Ligating Technique” with light-force archwires , which is currently considered up-to-date even in  a medical and aesthetic  pint of view , which has many advantages in both childhood orthodontics and adult orthodontics:

  • It is gentle, since the teeth can be moved by 400 to 600 times less forces with our minimally invasive protocols (so called light force orthodontics)
  • It is much easier to get used and to wear the appliance due to the soft forces and the smaller brackets.
  • The treatment is much faster compared to the conventional orthodontics.
  • From a biological point of view, treatment is better for the teeth, gum and bone structure because of the light forces.
  • With the modern, hi-tech, light forces orthodontics even a serious misalignment can be solved without tooth extraction due to the large lateral expansion ability, this is why it is called “Orthodontics without tooth extractions”.
  • Less times and less frequent activations (control, exchange of archwires, etc.) In the first 2 to 8 months of the  treatment you have to come to see us every 2 months, then monthly. This makes available to our non-Budapest patients too the most up-to-date gentle orthodontics.
  • A beautiful wide smile can be achieved by keeping your teeth with light-forces, self-ligating minimally invasive orthodontics. Functional, smile- and facial esthetic results speak for themselves at the end of the treatment.
  • It is easier to clean because the brackets are smaller than the conventional ones.
  • The brackets are available in tooth colored aesthetic composite material and metal ones.

esthetic brackets

Metal and tooth-colored composite esthetic brackets on the upper arch using light-forces, self-ligating minimally invasive orthodontics without tooth extraction

Typical case of orthodontics without tooth extraction by TriDent specialists:



The initial orthodontic consultation is now FREE. The fee of the detailed, personalized treatment plan, so-called orthodontic analysis is HUF 30,000.- This fee includes the impressions and the analysis by our ortho specialist. If you accept the treatment plan and quotation, the orthodontic treatment can start.

Invisible orthodontics

New in adult orthodontics: at TriDent clinic we offer “invisible orthodontic treatment” with affordable prices that is suitable for small misalignments and gaps in adults and young patients too. During the procedure, the orthodontic treatment is performed by wearing 20-22 hours a day the transparent plastic splints manufactured upon a 3D computer model. The fully transparent splints are replaced every 2 weeks so that the continuous and ideal movement of the teeth can be accomplished. There are no metal parts and springs, the transparent splints are able to move the teeth millimeter by millimeter without uncomfortable tension. The invisible orthodontic splints are easy to clean and easy to getting used to it, and the slight lisping is generally solved within 1-2 weeks. It is available at about the half of the cost of the famous Invisalign splints: (HUF 70.000.- appr. € 225.-) planning and try-in fee + HUF 30.000.- (appr. € 97.-) each further splint, in every 2 weeks, (in case of 10 pairs of splints it cost HUF 670.000.- (appr. € 2.160.-) comparing, the Invisalign, which cost in average of HUF 1.500.000.- appr- € 4.838.-)

Please contact us to make an appointment for an initial consultation for OrthodonticTreatment without Tooth Extraction:

phone: + 36 20 945 8797 (on working days 9-19h),

e-mail: ortho@trident.hu

Our specialist, who performs orthodontics at TriDent Budapest:



    Dr. George Toth DDS, MSc Implant


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